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Product Description
WWII German IF-5 Horse Drawn MG Wagon with Zwillingslafette 36 (two horese & three figures
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Item No.  RV 35012
Bar Code  6953391900383
Scale  1/35
Box Size  290 x190 x 58mm
Case Pack  14Pieces Per Master Carton
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  Brief History:
The German army of the late 1930's was still heavily reliant on horse drawn transport, ranging from wooden or metal cargo wagons, to machine gun carriers. The machine gun wagon was first used in WWI mostly by the German and Russian armies, and in the German army it continued into WWII. The Maschinengewehrwagen 36, also known as the If.5, was the most widelyused. It was a 4-wheel wagon carrying a Zwillingsockel.36, mounting twin 7.92mm MG.34 machineguns in a rear "box" compartment. The spares and ammunition were stored in the forward section.The driver and his assistant were seated on top of the front stowage box. In normal use the If-5 waspulled by two horses, but four could be used in bad conditions. The If.5's were mostly used by second line Infantry Divisions serving on the Russian front.